Mad About Colors


“I dance with color. I am interested in exploring the “lila” of interior landscapes, the divine dance with color.”

Pragna is a visual artist residing in Buffalo, New York and an Artist in Residence with the UB Center for the Arts, Arts in Healthcare Initiative.  A graduate of the Arscura School of Living Art and also a graduate of University of Buffalo (M.A. Geography), Pragna was born in Uganda, Africa, of Indian descent. Pragna's work is influenced by the colors and movement of the African light and the childhood memories of creating Indian folk art with her mother, grandmother, and aunts, as well as her father’s interest in cutting and paper-folding.   Working with various media (watercolor, acrylic, oils and pastels), painting with her fingers, scrapers and sometimes even brushes, she works intuitively with color, allowing it to inform the painting.


Pragna Hathi Wood